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We have worked hard for many years marketing and selling property on the North Shore.    This list of properties we have sold is proof of our success!

10A Foley Place, Torbay

5 Woodstock Road, Forrest Hill

2/1A Castor Bay Road, Castor Bay

52B Karaka Street, Takapuna

34 Edgeworth Road, Glenfield

10A Deverell Place, Browns Bay

1/18 Altair Place, Mairangi Bay

45A Lancaster Road, Beach Haven

134 Moore Street, Hillcrest

24 Knightsbridge Drive

18 Wylie Avenue

134 Moore Street

21A Kitewao Street, Northcote

43 Richards Avenue, Forrest Hill

18 Battersby Avenue, Mt Roskill

31 Sylvan Park Ave, Milford

49 Holland Road

3/61 Verran Road

7A Mannering Place

28 Eban Avenue, Hillcrest

23A Tetrarch Place, Totara Vale

31B Mannering Place, Hillcrest

3/40 Rawene Road, Birkenhead Pt

4 Pavola Grove, Glenfield

8 Prestige Place, Milford

1/3 Velma Road

36 Killybegs, Pinehill

11 Ellen Ave, Hillcrest

46 Wright Road, Albany

2/160 Onewa Road, Northcote

57A Lonely Track Road, Albany

140 Stredwick Drive, Torbay

1 Otakau Road, Milford

432 Old Te Atatu Road, Te Atatu Peninsula

2/64 Kitchener Road, Milford

40 Coroglen Avenue, Birkenhead

6/13 Creamer Avenue, Belmont

2/68 Braemar Road, Castor Bay

61 Velma Road, Hillcrest

5 Gretel Place, Hillcrest

20 Orion Place, Hillcrest

3/14 Trafalgar Road, Milford

11 Castor Bay Road, Castor Bay

78 Forrest Hill Road, Forrest Hill

133 Upper Harbour Drive, Greenhithe

28 Sapphire Place, Glenfield

335B Glenfield Road, Glenfield

26 Ravenwood Drive, Forrest Hill

2/15 Hemi Street, Narrow Neck

27A Levesque Street, Birkdale

1/24 Woodbridge Lane, Milford

39 Park Rise, Campbells Bay

26 Hillcrest Avenue, Hillcrest

92C Upper Harbour Drive, Greenhithe

16 Murano Place, Chatswood

22 Lucas Way, Albany

15 Orion Place, Hillcrest

65 Corunna Road, Milford

2/9 Merriefield Avenue, Forrest Hill

297 Beach Road, Campbells Bay

1/9 Thistledew Place, Glenfield

44 Lake Pupuke Drive, Takapuna

1/29 Richards Avenue, Forrest Hill

2/20 Matipo Road, Mairangi Bay

3 Santa Rosa Terrace, Forrest Hill

90A Matipo Road, Mairangi Bay

2/32 Shakespeare Road, Milford

49 Aberley Road, Schnapper Rock, Albany

19 Kahikatea Close, Campbells Bay

97 Forrest Hill Road, Forrest Hill

1/196 East Coast Road, Castor Bay

35 Roseberry Ave, Birkenhead

1/196 East Coast Road, Browns Bay

11 Orion Place, Hillcrest

2/8 Wykeham Place, Glenfield

1/27 Jellicoe Road, Murrays Bay

65 Mountbatten Ave

3A Lambrown Drive

1/4 Lynn Road

6 Wentworth Park

174 Stapleford Cres

1/4 Lynn Road, Glenfield

9B Eban Ave, Hillcest

11A Braemar Road, Castor Bay

1/20 Jonathan Place, Sunnynook

46 Ravenwood Drive, Forrest Hill

92 Shakespeare Road, Milford

11 Lydia Ave, Northcote

84B Velma Rd, Hillcrest

38 Hellyers Stree,t Birkdale

43 Forrest Hill Rd, Forrest Hill

1/24 Fernlea Ave, Glenfield

1 Sartors Ave, Browns Bay

22 Eban Ave, Hillcrest

73A Aberdeen Road, Castor Bay

27A Beatrice Avenue, Hillcrest

51 Aberdeen Road, Castor Bay

21 Park Hill Road, Birkenhead

10 Halberg Street, Glenfield

5A Compton Street, Hillcrest

2/44 Moore Street, Hillcrest

2/14 Trafalgar Road, Milford

2B Prospect Terrace, Milford

21 Chequers Avenue, Glenfield

4 Wilkinson Way, Browns Bay

1/1 Pierce Road, Milford

26/72 Kitchener Road, Milford

21 Ravenwood Drive, Forrest Hill

3/169 Mokoia Road, Birkenhead

364B Glenfield Road, Glenfield

4/18 Wolsley Avenue, Milford

1/9 Thistledew Place, Bayview

12 Beach Road, Castor Bay

39 Orion Place, Hillcrest

8 Felstead Street, Birkenhead

109 Eban Avenue, Hillcrest

2/11 Avalon Place, Glenfield

401/40 Library Lane, Albany

15 Woodstock Road, Forrest Hill

16 Hauraki Road, Takapuna

21 Thalia Place, Totara Vale

141 Eban Avenue, Hillcrest

32C Quebec Road, Milford

1/53 Ocean View Road, Hillcrest

1/56 Taharoto Road, Takapuna

30 Marae Road, Greenhithe

2/12 Varlene Terrace, Forrest Hill

1/119 Coronation Road, Hillcrest

3/23A Becroft Drive, Forrest Hill

5/60A Lynden Avenue, Hillcrest

2/16 Tennyson Avenue, Takapuna

83 Landing Drive, Albany

23/15 Puriri Street, Takapuna

1/29 Drome View Place, Beach Haven

2/17 Milford Road, Milford

2 Crown Hill Close, Forrest Hill

1/196 East Coast Road, Forrest Hill

122A Birkdale Road, Birkdale

183 Beach Road, Campbells Bay

2/293 Albany Highway, Albany

1/16A Belmont Terrace, Milford

28 Randal Place, Glenfield

15 Mandeville Place, Unsworth Heights

8 Wentwood Place, Torbay

1/8 Dallinghoe Crescent, Milford

69 Stanaway St, Hillcrest

4/83 Birkdale Rd, Birkdale

250B Rangaira Rd, Birkdale

60 Richmond Ave, Northcote Point

76 Sunnynook Road, Sunnynook

100 Archers Road, Glenfield

141 Eban Ave, Glenfield

90 & 92 Forrest Hill Rd, Forrest Hill

83 Selwyn Crescent, Milford

23 Spencer Rd, Pinehill

3 Glendhu Rd, Glenfield

30A Shakespeare Rd, Milford

92 Forrest Hill Road, Forrest Hill

4/1a Becroft Dr, Forrest Hill

6 Monkton Close, Greenhithe

83A Selwyn Crescent, Milford

14 Stott Avenue, Birkdale

41 Kitchener Road, Milford

37 Mandeville Place, Unsworth Heights

28B Millstream Drive, Henderson

3/20 Takutai Street, Parnell

1/11 Stoneleigh Court, Sunnynook

1/62 Kitchener Road, Milford

6/21 Saltburn Road, Milford

29 Richards Avenue, Forrest Hill

41B Kia Ora Road, Beach Haven

132A Nile Road, Milford

3/11 Evelyn Place, Hillcrest

35 Roseberry Avenue, Birkenhead

25C Heathcote Road, Castor Bay

5 Arrow Road, Forrest Hill

3/12 Stratford Avenue, Milford

1/29 Drome View Place, Beach Haven

4/8 Brook Street, Milford

106 Verran Road, Birkdale

4 Tudor Place, Mairangi Bay

1/240 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna

35 Warwick Avenue, Westmere

3/96 Nile Road, Milford

1 Tamahere Drive, Glenfield

1/62 Salisbury Road, Birkdale

1/8 Christensen Place, Forrest Hill

27A Glenvar Road, Torbay

2/11 Lavery Place, Sunnynook

2/4 Fernlea Rise, Glenfield

104 Landing Drive, Albany

1/15 Nile Road, Milford

13A Garmons Way, Castor Bay

4/83 Birkdale Road, Birkdale

2/3 Quebec Road, Milford

1/68 Lynden Avenue, Hillcrest

2/10 Sandiacre Way, Browns Bay

8 Christensen Place, Forrest Hill

2/41 Shakespeare Road, Milford

43 Sylvan Park Avenue, Milford

13 Princeton Parade, Albany

2/6 Mira Place, Mairangi Bay

454 Albany Highway, Albany

1/306 Beach Road, Campbells Bay

1/7 Eversleigh Road, Takapuna

36 Raymond Terrace, Northcote

2/177 Forrest Hill Road, Forrest Hill

2/6 Castor Bay Road, Castor Bay

14 Arosa Place, Forrest Hill

19 Domain Road, Glenfield

15 Margaret Place, Milford

33 Roseberry Avenue, Birkenhead

227 Beach Road, Campbells Bay

2/63 Stanley Avenue, Milford